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Sat 14 October | The Studio


Age: 10+

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Lung Ha Theatre Company presents


by Linda McLean

Director: Maria Oller

Composer: Philip Pinsky

Designer: Karen Tennent

Lighting Designer: Simon Wilkinson

Cast: Kenneth Ainslie, John Edgar, Mark Howie, Emma McCaffrey and Gavin Yule

don't know what I'm doing here

I came in to visit somebody

I don't remember who

and they let him go and kept me

it's a terrible mistake

Bob has lost something important, something that might make him happy - but for the life of him he just can't remember where he left it.  It might be in his old house but he's in a wheelchair and he can't make the journey alone and none of the staff in the care home will take him.

So Bob decides to take matters into his own hands.

Despite being watched over by the security system that sees all and the nurse that knows all Bob, with help of co-conspirators Gemma and Cap, sets out on an uncertain journey to find out just what it is he has been missing.

‘Oller’s production is a sheer delight’: The Reviews Hub on THINGUMMY BOB, 2015

Award winningLung Ha Theatre Company is the leading theatre company for people with learning disabilities in Scotland and with a growing reputation internationally.

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